ReddCoin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

Behind the ReddCoin development is a small team of rather unknown developers and blockchain enthusiasts. The development started already in 2014 and was financed with an Initial Public Coin Offering. This differs from a standard Initial Coin Offering, with which most crypto currencies finance themselves, in that it is much more public and pays out every coin that invests in the project. At IPCO, the developers collected over 168.83 Bitcoins (then worth over $100,000).

ReddCoin – advantages and disadvantages for the Bitcoin trader

The crypto currency primarily uses the Bitcoin trader. Recently, Youtube and Facebook have made it more and more difficult for these people to earn money through their platforms. They have to look for new sources of income and how users of their content can reward them for their work. It is conceivable that these people would buy the Redd Coin to pay for the Content Creators. Similar donation services like Patreon are very popular, why shouldn’t this also work on a blockchain basis?

It would be quite gloomy for the forecast if these platforms introduced their own donation services so that fans could reward good content. Many would certainly shy away from using a crypto currency, even if ReddCoin development tries to make the handling of the crypto currency as easy as possible. The barrier is still there, the donations on the respective platforms would probably be perceived as more comfortable. The platforms would also advertise their own services and rather try to keep out other possibilities of remuneration. Finally, the platforms have a home advantage.

Apart from micro-donations, the crypto currency has no other special functions. Since the blockchain remains independent, it gives it a certain flexibility. But ultimately the product stands or falls with the fact that it can establish itself as a payment for content creators. If this fails, RDD Coin is not worth buying as an investment.

ReddCoin Course – Development – Forecast on

Since the start of the Redd/Coin crypto currency in 2014, there has been no change in the price, said onlinebetrug,the coin has kept a value well below 1 cent per coin. The first changes in the price began in May 2017, when the coin steadily gained in value, at the end of the month finally 0.10 cents per coin. In June, the price briefly traded above 0.20 cents per coin and fell below 0.10 cents in July.

The crypto currency remained in this range until December 2017. This may have been one of the last opportunities to buy the RDD coin at a low price. Because afterwards the crypto currency put down a respectable value gain. Around the Christmas holidays the price quoted the first time on over 1 cent per coin and sank to the end of the year again under 1 cent. To the new year the price rose again, within fewer days it rose to 1.5 cent and reached with 2,5 cent per Coin its high point. The share price then lost value again, although it still seems to be well above the level of the previous year.

What does this tell us about a ReddCoin forecast? It is difficult to make any forecasts on the basis of this price. Although the Redd Coin has existed since 2014, these were the first signs of life on the stock markets. One could attribute the price gain to a tweet by John McAfee, who drew attention to the ReddCoin crypto currency. However, he chirped at a time when the price had already risen. Rather, it looks as if the price was following general market trends. This is likely to remain so for some time to come and ReddCoin could buy when the coin is low again, as a rise in the price is also possible.